The Housing Quality Certification (CQV) ensures to both the buyer and the seller that the quality of the house is appropriate before it is handed.

For the Promoter

  • Promoter’s responsability begins when the properties are finished.
  • Client’s claims decrease dramatically.
  • The number of claims are lower.
  • It is an important argument when urban land is awarded or assigned.
  • Decreases management costs for the resolution of incidenses.
  • Increases the quality that the client percieves.
  • Improves Brand Awarness
  • Makes a difference to your competitors

For the Builder

  • Increases the Quality Perceived.
  • Defects are resolved before delivery of keys.
  • Information gathering for future structures.
  • Cost reducing for defects improvements.
  • Reduces time to solve defects.
  • It can reduce the cost of the compulsory insurance

For the Real State Agency

  • It guarantees that sells high-quality houses.
  • Reduces the number of claims
  • Improves their brand awarness
  • Increases prescribers.
  • Reduces time to attend client’s claims.
  • Improves client’s satisfaction.
  • Reinforces brand positioning.
  • It makes a difference with regards to competitors.

For the Client

  • The client has the guarantee that his house is free of defects.
  • The client does not have to spend time in resolving any defects in their home.
  • The client can enjoy his house from the begining.
  • The client has the guarantee that the house will be delivered in optimal conditions.
  • The client saves money since there are no defects.
  • The client feels safe in the most important purchase of his life.